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Why HIGHMARK Eavestrough is the right choice for you?

What differentiates us form other companies is that our employees are professionally trained. Apart from the extensive training on the job‘s nature, our team is also trained properly in safety and customer service. Eavestrough is our specialty, and with each property we ensure you are receiving a proper assessment and installation for your needs. Our competitive prices and high quality of material and service is setting higher standards for Central Alberta.

What is Seamless Eavestrough?

Eavestrough, of any length, is run out without joining. We use a roll-forming machine that is installed in our trucks to construct this.

Why should you install eavestrough?

Worn and damaged eavestrough can lead to detrimental damage in your house; from flooded basements to siding rot. Properly directed water flow will ensure your home remains protected.

How much does it cost?

There are many factors to consider in the final cost, such as the landscape of the property, how many stories, are there corners, etc. An estimator should always visit your house before any accurate pricing can be offered. We can always provide you with a free estimate.

What type of warranty do you offer for workmanship and products?

All of our services come with a 5 year warranty on our workmanship and 25 years manufacturers’ warranty on all of our products.

Do you have to be present during your work?

You do not have to be home, however we require the access to electricity. A working, outside power outlet will be sufficient. If you have any special requests of placement, make sure that we are aware ahead of time.

Are there a required number of downspouts on a house?

This depends on the configuration of your home. It is recommended that you install one downspout for every 40 linear feet.

Why is a seamless gutter considered better than a plastic gutter?

Plastic gutter tends to leak overtime due to expansion and contraction. Seamless gutters are fabricated onsite without joints or connections.

Why are my eavestroughs leaking?

There are multiple reasons that could vary from curled shingles, which cause the water to travel behind the trough or a lack of drip edge or missing roof flashing near the end caps. Leaves are also a common cause of leaks as they pile up and the water flows over or behind the trough. Sometimes there could be an issue with the seal of the silicone; this occasionally happens and we are happy to come reseal any property with issues.

Why are leaf guards beneficial?

Over time dirt, leaves and clogged gutters prevent water flow. Regular cleaning of your gutters is a must; however leaf guard will greatly reduce the need to clean. Leaf guard ensures debris, leaves, snow and ice stay on top of your gutter, leaving water free to flow properly below. Most often, debris will remove itself, leaving you with extra time and less worry.

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